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Zhejiang Weijie Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Weijie Electronic Technology Co., Ltd Our company's main business scope includes research and development, manufacturing, sales, and installation of power electronic devices and accessories, distribution switch control equipment and accessories, gas detectors, and electromagnetic cut-off valves. Our company adheres to the principle of putting people first and putting people at the center and starting point in the
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WEAJAWeijie Electronic Technology Strength Exhibition

Since its establishment, the company has always insisted on starting a business for the development of society and for the happiness of humanity! The corporate philosophy of "dedication to work and serving the country" and the corporate spirit of "high yield, quality, integrity, diligence, progress, and keeping up with the times" focus on building product quality brands
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Smart fire protection

The intelligent fire protection platform can achieve functions such as multiple alarms, alarm device positioning management, real-time viewing of battery level, low battery alarm, alarm history record management, and real-time viewing of equipment operation status. The equipment manager information management can detect and alert in a timely manner, and automatically notify the fire alarm location and surrounding personnel to evacuate, effectively solving problems in schools, residential homes, shops, industrial parks, and supermarkets, Fire accidents in three small places such as street shops and difficulties in fire supervision and management in these places.

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Smart Home

Weijie Smart Home Solution not only meets the functional needs of various daily life functions such as lighting, shading, heating and air conditioning, audio-visual entertainment, security systems, etc. The powerful smart home system also has four control modes for interactive use, and twelve custom setting scenarios. The scope of use is not limited to age or location, allowing you to freely control your smart life.

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Smart elderly care

Weijie Smart Elderly Care solution is a sensor network system and information platform aimed at elderly people at home, communities, and nursing homes, improving the quality of life for the elderly in their later years and solving the problem of loneliness for empty nest elderly to the greatest extent possible, allowing the elderly to fully enjoy the convenience and comfort brought by the Internet of Things.

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Smart office

The Weijie Smart Office Solution not only improves the management efficiency of staff, but also makes office workers feel convenient and comfortable. The system can automatically adjust indoor lighting, curtains, temperature, etc. to maintain a comfortable office environment. Multiple scene modes can also be set, such as meeting mode, rest mode, work mode, etc., allowing office workers to better focus on their work. To create a comfortable, efficient, energy-saving, low consumption, safe and intelligent smart office space.

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